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Sky Killer

Sale price$70
In a world torn by chaos, the Sky-Killer ascends, its wings adorned with the purity of marble. Neither an omen of destruction nor a herald of salvation, it yearns for equilibrium. This crewneck Japanese streetwear inspired sweater forever threads the fine line between darkness and light.
Front facing photo of the Sky Killer design, featuring a large mecha anime design screen printed on the front of a white anime sweater
Sky Killer Sale price$70

The Bosu Advantage

At Bosuman, our design process is entirely in-house. The material for our 100% cotton crewneck sweaters is our proprietary blend, the product of meticulous experimentation. We've rigorously tested various cotton blends to deliver the pinnacle of comfort, durability, and premium quality. Each of our crewneck sweaters showcases State-of-the-Art screen-printing techniques to deliver beautiful illustrations on both the front and back. They are designed to be unisex, ensuring a versatile fit for all.