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Sticker bomb your favorite JDM car, skateboard, laptop, notebook, or any space with a hint of Otaku spirit! Claim your Japanese inspired stickers now and make a statement wherever you go.

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Sticker: Monkey - Zodiac
Sticker: Rabbit - Zodiac
Sticker: Lactose intolerant
Sticker: Kawaii AF
Sticker: Kawaii AF Sale price$15
Sticker: Tanoshii!
Sticker: Tanoshii! Sale price$9
Sticker: Ganbatte!
Sticker: Ganbatte! Sale price$9
Sticker: Hayai!
Sticker: Hayai! Sale price$9

Bosuman finds inspiration in anime, manga and cosplay. We create original apparel with tested materials that will spark a conversation no matter where you wear them. Embodying the cosplay and anime culture with a touch of Japanese streetwear style to boot, Bosuman is your best option for stylish and functional apparel that's anything but ordinary.

"Believe in the Bosuman that believes in you"