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The Rabbit

Sale price$135

The Lucky Rabbit that lived on the moon was renowned for its intelligence and grace. The Rabbit was constantly pursued, hunted for its lucky powers. It had to be quick and cunning to survive, relying on it’s wit and luck to escape danger. And so, the legend of the Lucky Zodiac Rabbit was born, a symbol of both good fortune and perseverance.


This ornate otaku-inspired bomber jacket is made from 100% cotton. It's got a detailed embroidered woodland rabbit design on the back, with an interior all-over illustration that runs even down the inside of the sleeves. It's also down filled to ensure you feel enveloped in comfort. The interior pocket features the zodiac lore, and the cache-styled zipper displays the Bosuman logo down the center. An embossed leather logo is featured on the front, while the symbol for Lucky on a rubber patch is adorned on the arm. The patch is Velcro so you can swap it out for some exclusive patches we'll drop in the future.

This bomber jacket is brimming with details!

Photo of the back of Zodiac Bomber Jacket featuring Rabbit embroidery on a white piece of clothing
The Rabbit Sale price$135

The Bosu Advantage

At Bosuman, our design process is entirely in-house. The outer shell for our Rabbit Bomber is 100% premium cotton; with a down-filled polyester lining on the inside. We use State-of-the-Art embroidery techniques to ensure each jacket is perfect, allowing our Bosus to wear it for years to come.

Each of our bomber jackets features a stunning illustration on the back and is designed to be unisex, ensuring a versatile fit for all.