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Experience the mythical Kirin.

Inspired by Japanese folklore, the Kirin represents purity, serenity, and good fortune; while also being one of the most powerful figures in mythology. Bolster your wardrobe with this unique design crafted with premium flannel fabric. With its intricate details and timeless elegance, this flannel tells the story of a mythical guardian, bringing luck and tranquility to all who wear it.

The Bosu Advantage

At Bosuman, our design process is entirely in-house. The material for our flannel plaids is our proprietary 100% cotton fabric, which is the result of meticulous experimentation. We've tested various cottons to achieve the utmost in comfort, durability, and premium quality. Each of our flannels features state-of-the-art high quality screen-printed illustrations on the back and is designed to be unisex, ensuring a versatile fit for all.